VIUSID available in powder to dissolve 3.2 grams bags.
    In a bottle of 100 ml
    Feature: The powder is yellowish-white…

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  2. Flucostat®

    INN : fluconazole


    Capsules 150 mg number 1 ;
    Capsules 150 mg number 2 ;
    50 mg capsules number…

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  3. Amiksin®

    Amiksin ® activates the synthesis in the body alpha-, beta - and gamma- interferons - protective proteins with antiviral activity…

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  4. Maxicold

    Combined medication to relieve symptoms " cold " and the flu.

    Lowers the temperature .
    Reduces headaches and muscular pain.…

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  5. Arbidol ®

    Arbidol ® - an antiviral drug that has proven activity against influenza viruses A and B (including "swine " and…

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  6. Gel Lubricant Durex

    * Dispenser with dropper 50ml
    * Long-acting
    * Gentle water-based lubricant
    * Non-sticky, non-greasy
    * Do not leave stains on…

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  7. Condom Contex

    Material: Natural Latex
    Design: Standard. Smooth colorful condoms with the store. And bright colored condoms for variety, fun and excitement.…

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  8. Touch automatic NO-Touch 
for antibacterial liquid soap

    Family health starts with clean hands, so Dettol developed touch automatic system No-Touch. It automatically dispenses antibacterial liquid hand soap…

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  9. Komplivit activ N30
  10. Komplivit tab. N60