Azitrox® capsules

  1. Azitrox® capsules

    optimal choice for empiric antibiotic therapy of respiratory tract infections ;
    recognized standard therapy of genital chlamydial infection , including during pregnancy;
    drug of choice for treatment of mycoplasmal and mixed infections of the genital tract in accordance with international recommendations and Russian can be used combined antibacterial therapy of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs ;
    high tissue and intracellular concentrations ;
    direction, strong , sustained action site of infection ;
    comprehensive therapeutic effect through additional immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory effects convenience for patients , ensuring implementation of the recommendations of the doctor;
    single dose a day, a short course of treatment, tolerability ;
    minimal risk of drug interactions ;
    Optimal ratio price / performance / quality;
    INN : azithromycin

    Method of production:
    Capsules : 250 mg number 6
    Capsules : 500 mg number 3
    Capsules : 500 mg number 2

    Indications for use :

    infections of the upper respiratory tract and ENT : sore throat , sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis , otitis media
    infections of the lower respiratory tract infections : bacterial pneumonia , bronchitis , including caused by atypical pathogens
    scarlet fever
    infections of skin and soft tissue : erysipelas , impetigo, secondarily infected dermatoses
    Lyme disease ( borreliosis ) , for the treatment of early stage (erythema migrans)
    infection of the urogenital tract : including urethritis and / or cervicitis
    diseases of the stomach and duodenal ulcers associated with Helicobacter pylori: always in combination therapy with other drugs