Arbidol ®

  1. Arbidol ®

    Arbidol ® - an antiviral drug that has proven activity against influenza viruses A and B (including "swine " and " bird "), as well as other major pathogens of ARI and rotavirus .

    Arbidol ® reduces the duration and severity of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections , helping to reduce the incidence of complications.

    Prophylactic Arbidola ® season epidemic of respiratory viral infections , as well as in contact with a person with influenza or other acute respiratory viral infection reduces the risk of family members and other people around them.

    Also Arbidol ® is able to mobilize the immune system to fight viral infections.
    Antiviral drug Arbidol ® is suitable for both adults and children 3 years of age.

    Indications for use :
    Prevention and treatment of adults and children :

    influenza A and B , SARS , severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) ( including complicated bronchitis , pneumonia )
    secondary immunodeficiency states
    complex therapy of chronic bronchitis , pneumonia and recurrent herpes infection
    prevention of postoperative infectious complications and the normalization of the immune status
    complex therapy of acute intestinal infections rotavirus in children older than 3 years