1. Amiksin®

    Amiksin ® activates the synthesis in the body alpha-, beta - and gamma- interferons - protective proteins with antiviral activity and stimulating the immune defense . Increased endogenous interferon has been observed for 4 hours after initiation of Amiksina ® - so Amiksin ® allows you to stop the development of influenza and SARS patient and will return " in the system."

    Amiksin ® comfortable for both treatment and prevention of influenza and SARS - a total of 6 tablets for a full course . Prevention scheme - 1 tablet per week for 6 weeks , Amiksin ® - lift with " cold " and the flu !

    Indications for use :

    Children (over 7 years) : treatment of influenza and other ARI

    In adults :

    Treatment and prevention of influenza and other ARI
    Treatment of herpes , cytomegalovirus infections
    In the combined therapy of urogenital and respiratory chlamydia , pulmonary tuberculosis , an infectious- allergic and viral encephalomyelitis
    Treatment of viral hepatitis A, B and C