1. Flucostat®

    INN : fluconazole


    Capsules 150 mg number 1 ;
    Capsules 150 mg number 2 ;
    50 mg capsules number 7 ;
    a solution for infusion of 2 mg / ml in 50 ml vials .
    Indications for use :

    genital candidiasis : treatment of vaginal candidiasis and relapse prevention, kandidoznyybalanit ;
    mucosal candidiasis , including mouth, pharynx , esophagus , non-invasive bronchopulmonary candidiasis , candiduria , candidiasis of the skin;
    generalized candidiasis , including candidemia, disseminated candidiasis and other forms of invasive Candida infections, including patients with cancer , patients in intensive care , patients undergoing cytotoxic and immunosuppressive therapy ;
    cryptococcosis, including cryptococcal meningitis and other localization of the infection , including patients with immunosuppression and AIDS ;
    mycosis of the skin, pityriasis versicolor, onychomycosis ;
    deep mycoses are endemic . Including coccidioidomycosis, paracoccidioidomycosis , histoplasmosis sporitrihoz and in patients with normal immunity
    Cryptococcosis, including cryptococcal meningitis and other localization of the infection in patients with normal immune response , and in patients with various forms of immunosuppression. Can be used for prophylaxis of cryptococcal infection in AIDS patients.
    drug of first choice in the treatment of candidiasis of any localization
    has a broad spectrum of antifungal activity
    has advantageous pharmacokinetic characteristics oral bioavailability comparable to the parenteral administration , a high degree of tissue distribution in the body and environments , and a prolonged therapeutic effect prolonged protective effect .
    has a good safety profile
    characterized by a simple and convenient dosing regimen .
    manufactured in accordance with European quality standards (GMP), which ensures high efficiency treatment of fungal infections
    available in capsules for oral and vials for parenteral use , which allows to recommend the drug for the treatment and prevention of fungal infections in patients of different age groups , in cases of impossibility of oral (difficulty swallowing , impaired absorption in the gastrointestinal tract ) , and also allows sequential therapy